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Support Clean Water and Healthy Communities in the Youghiogheny River Watershed

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At MWA, our mission is to protect, preserve, and restore the Youghiogheny River and its surrounding communities through various initiatives, including mine drainage remediation, water monitoring, trail development, education, community organizing, and legal advocacy.

Want to know how we put your donations to work? Check out some of our highlights from 2023:

  • Over 350 tires were removed from the Youghiogheny River by our river cleanup volunteers.
  • Our outreach team opened an Outdoor Lending Library, providing access to outdoor resources for local families and educators.
  • We finished construction on the Steyer Bridge and the trail leading up to it, expanding trail miles on the Indian Creek Valley Trail.
  • The Yough Defense Party had its biggest turnout yet, with over 400 people showing support for the river.
  • Our conservation team compiled the Youghiogheny River Conservation Plan Part 1: Headwaters to Dunbar Creek, guiding future conservation efforts.

These accomplishments are just a glimpse of the incredible work that MWA has undertaken and supported last year. Together, we have made significant strides in safeguarding the Youghiogheny River and its communities, but there is still much more to be done.

With your support, we can persist in making a lasting impact and forging a brighter future for our cherished Youghiogheny River.

Looking towards the future, it is clear that our work is far from complete. The Youghiogheny River and its tributaries continue to face significant challenges posed by the fossil fuel industries. These challenges demand ongoing attention and action from organizations like MWA. It is imperative that we continue our efforts in advocacy, land preservation, water remediation, and biodiversity conservation to safeguard the river and its ecosystems from the long-term impacts of environmental pollution.

The pollution that plagues the Youghiogheny River not only threatens its delicate ecosystem but also poses a direct risk to the communities that rely on the river for drinking water and recreation. The health and well-being of these communities are at stake, making it crucial for us to remain steadfast in our commitment to protecting this vital waterway.

Significant victories last year:
  • A proposed shale gas well pad in Rostraver Township was denied a permit, thanks to community-led opposition.
  • After seven long years of community resistance, Invenergy abandoned its proposal to build the Allegheny Energy Center - a 639 MW gas-fired power plant - along the Youghiogheny River in Elizabeth Township.
  • The application for the first proposed shale gas waste injection well in Fayette County was withdrawn after powerful community pushback.
  • MAX Environmental withdrew their expansion permit for a hazardous waste landfill, thanks to community mobilization.
  • MWA is now the sole owner of 186 acres of property in the Indian Creek Valley Gorge, as well as 185 acres of mineral rights in Farmington, ensuring protection of this land from fossil fuel development.
By donating today, you are reaffirming your commitment to protect threatened ecosystems, advocate for clean water and air, defend endangered species, and remediate the impacts of past industrial activities in the Youghiogheny River watershed.
Your contribution not only provides us with the resources we need to continue our vital work but also amplifies our voice when we meet with local, state, and federal officials. The size of our membership matters, and the more constituents who support Mountain Watershed Association, the stronger our voice becomes in advocating for the protection of our watershed.
Make a meaningful impact on our ongoing efforts to protect, preserve, and restore the Youghiogheny River and its surrounding communities. As an active donor, you will receive mailed copies of MWA's annual Year-in-Review and quarterly newsletters. You will also be the first to know about important updates and opportunities to advocate for our waterways.